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Website - www.pfa-agra.org : Email - suratprasad@gmail.com
The Reason WHY I LOVE to be here

    PFA Agra has allowed me to make a whole bunch of experiences within a short time. First of all, to come to incredible India and have a very nice guest room provided in a scenic and green environment of PFA Agra shelter gave me a sense of peace and serenity. Second, to get the chance to work with stray animals, to care for them and support medical aid that is given to them gave me a feeling of fulfillment, a feeling that I am doing something for creatures who totally depend on us. Furthermore, PFA Agra welcomed me with open arms and quickly integrated me. I really enjoy the interaction with the locals here. To summarise, it has been a wonderful cultural experience to be here.

    According to me, PFA Agra is very well organized, given the resource constraints that it faces everyday. Speaking with Ms. Surat Prasad, I gained insightful information about what it takes to run and maintain a shelter, what are the future plans and where the future challenges lie for this place.

    As for my part, my learning process continues in a positive way. I have learned about puppy care and feeding, symptoms of diseases, types of medicine and dosages for cattle and canine animals. Treatment of animals isn?t always a story of success. Emotionally, it is always a roller coaster ride here. Seeing a patient who has little chance of survival or one who recovers and falls back into weakness and finally dies, it is a moment that one has to deal with at his/her own level. Emotionally it can be very heart breaking. Life and death here are omnipresent and a first hand experience, with which one has to deal with daily

    I am very grateful to be here, to work with people who are activists for animals and who have saved so many lives. Personally I am very happy, mostly because of the fact that my dream to come here has turned out to be so beautiful and positive

    In case  if you also share the thought of coming here as a volunteer like me, all I can tell you is to go ahead with your plans 100%, to be proactive in the shelter and not to be afraid of yourself.

You can always contact me via my email id: kathrin@simonsmeier.com

Kathrin Simonsmeier

 ABC Operations  :  22
 Animals treated  :  572

 Monkeys   :  04   
 Cats         :   02
 Donkeys   :   05
 Cows        :   29
 Buffaloes :   NIL
 Dogs        :   42 and 07 pups
 Birds        :   NIL

 Medicine : INR 1,304/-
 Food        : INR 22,287/-
 Salary      : INR 22,634/- 

 India      :  INR 31,042/- 
 Europe   :  INR 46,380/- (793 EURO)
 America :  NIL

PFA Agra invites its readers to share their stories (in not more than 350-400 words) of close encounters with animals that changed their lives in a positive way. It would be good if you could send pictures also. The pictures should be sent as separate attachments in the email. Please do not embed them in the word document.

A page from the life of PFA Agra
  • This month has been a coster ride. The employees played played truant because of the last 2 weeks of bad weather. Out shelter being on the banks of the river Yamuna bears the full brunt of the cold wave.
  • We have prepared a staff quarter for a full time doctor who will be staying at the shelter 24 hours.

How YOU can help us
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to people who care for animals
  • Asking people to subscribe to our e-Newsletter either by sending us a mail directly or via our website (http://www.pfa-agra.org/e-newsletter)
  • Collecting a small monthly donation in your locality from people who want to donate
  • Forwarding our e-Newsletter to organisations in your area who donate for the cause of animals
  • Telling people about our organisation
  • Inviting people to look at our website (www.pfa-agra.org)
  • Sending us a list of people who are willing to donate INR 150 - 600 (~2.5-10 euros) per month. Even if we have 400 people willing to donate INR 1800 per year (~30 euros per year) at the rate of INR 150 per month (~2.50 euros per month), majority of our expenditure in the shelter will be met.